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The Big Dance '10

Send it in, Jerome!






Duke wins, the rest of civilization loses

The scoreboard in Indianapolis said otherwise, but we all know Butler is the real winner and Duke is the real loser. If you don't believe me, you have no choice but to believe this site (www.truthaboutduke.com) because it's on the internet and everything on the internet is true.

The Real Winners









As for the Big Dancers, Kurt "Eel" Carlson (Minot, ND) cruised to an easy win, finishing in the top 99.9 percentile of the entire ESPN Tournament Challenge. Al "The Toyon Tornado" Berube (Washington, DC) claimed 2nd place, while the young prodigy Emma Allen (Rochester, MN) rounded out the money winners. The rest of us, as projected, are losers.


Final Leaderboard
1 eeltrain 1, K. Carlson 240 200 200 160 160 320 Duke 1280 99.9
2 West Coast bias, a. berube 230 180 120 160 160 320 Duke 1170 98.6
3 only high seeds emma, J. Allen 220 160 160 80 160 320 Duke 1100 96.6
4 Genhaft 1, G. Haft 230 160 120 80 160 320 Duke 1070 95.6
5 rmanson32 1, R. Manson 230 180 200 160 160 0 Kansas 930 93.3
5 Bald Bastard, D. Flom 190 180 240 160 160 0 Kansas 930 93.3
7 COPPINSTATE23 1, M. Kukla 240 200 120 160 160 0 Ohio St 880 92.1
8 chuckborth 1, C. Borth 210 180 160 160 160 0 Kansas 870 91.7
8 ericbrekke 1, E. Brekke 210 180 160 160 160 0 Kansas 870 91.7
10 Kelly, S. Deutsch 240 180 120 160 160 0 Kansas 860 91.3

See full final leaderboard.


“When a guy takes off his coat, he's not going to fight. When a guy takes off his wristwatch, watch out!” ~Al McGuire


05 Apr 2010 . 10:56 p.m.

Devils & Dogs

The law firm of Butler, Duke, & Eel comes out of Final Four weekend on top

Wittman now. Wittman then. Butler continued its heroic homecoming by knocking off Michigan State, while Duke made quick work of West Virginia.

That means exactly four Big Dancers have their champion pick (Duke) alive and kicking. Kurt "Eel" Carlson (aka "Jack from Berthold"), of Minot, ND, will take home the top prize regardless of Monday night's outcome in Indy. Tremendous.

The remaining horses hoping to place and show are Alan Bee Ruby (Washington, DC) and Emma Allen (Rochester, MN), who will be pulling for Duke to cut down the nets. Ross Manson (Fargo, ND) and David "Bald Bastard" Flom (Eden Prairie, MN) will be in Butler's corner.





If Duke wins . . .   If Butler wins . . .
1 eeltrain 1, K. Carlson 1280 Duke
2 West Coast bias, a. berube 1170 Duke
2 only high seeds emma, J. Allen 1100 Duke
1 eeltrain 1, K. Carlson 960 Duke
2 rmanson32 1, R. Manson 930 Kansas
2 Bald Bastard, D. Flom 930 Kansas
See full leaderboard.



“The only mystery in life is why the kamikaze pilots wore helmets.” ~Al McGuire


04 Apr 2010 . 5:06 p.m.

Ace, Deuce, and a pair of 5s

Final Four set; Kurt "Eel" Carlson surges into lead behind West Virginia, Duke

Wittman now. Wittman then.Syracuse? Dead. Kentucky? Dead. Neidermeyer?

Big Dance Leaderboard

1 eeltrain 1, K. Carlson 800 Duke
2 rmanson32 1, R. Manson 770 Kansas
2 Bald Bastard, D. Flom 770 Kansas
4 Victorious Secret, S. Pritchard 720 Kansas
4 jforstner 1, J. Forstner 720 Kansas
4 COPPINSTATE23 1, M. Kukla 720 Ohio St
4 NaturalBjornKiller 1, B. Knutson 720 Kansas
4 Hoosier Daddy, T. Ketchem 720 Kansas
9 Haft is my Gimp, B. Lammersen 710 W Virginia
9 chuckborth 1, C. Borth 710 Kansas
9 ericbrekke 1, E. Brekke 710 Kansas

See full leaderboard.

The prohibitive favorites have been wiped out, leaving a one seed (Duke), a two seed (West Virginia), and two five seeds (Butler and Michigan State). Only eight Big Dancers have a chance to pick the correct National Champ. Amongst those is the United States Postal Service's finest - Kurt "Eel" Carlson, who has Duke cutting down the nets next Monday night in Indy. Tremendous.

Exactly four entrants picked Duke, while four others picked West Virginia. The rest of the field picked a loser.


NOTE: We're still short 20 entry fees. If you haven't paid, please do so immediately or risk having your knee caps busted.

        Commissioner McGuire





“All love affairs end. Eventually the girl is gonna put curlers in her hair.” ~Al McGuire


28 Mar 2010 . 9:06 p.m.

Wisconsin gets Wittman-ed; Muhammad Ali Three floats, stings 'Hawks

Sands bringing down the Big Dance house; Eel lurking

Wittman now. Wittman then.More than half of the Big Dancers saw their Kansas Jayhawk horse put down at the hands of the mighty Panthers of Northern Iowa. Ali Farokhmanesh did his best Sam "Wheelbarrow Balls" Cassell impression to end the Jayhawks' hopes.

Big Dance Leaderboard

1 sands, B. Sand 450 Syracuse
2 fior d'italia on me, D. Hunt 440 Kentucky
2 DaveBorth 1, D. Borth 440 Kansas
2 eeltrain 1, K. Carlson 440 Duke
2 jw627 1, J. Walters 440 Kansas
2 Boiler Up!, L. Hooker 440 Kentucky
2 Hoosier Daddy, T. Ketchem 440 Kansas
2 COPPINSTATE23 1, M. Kukla 440 Ohio St
2 NaturalBjornKiller 1, B. Knutson 440 Kansas

See full leaderboard.

Send it in, Jerome!In the East, the underappreciated Cornell Big Red dumptrucked Hurricane Bo Ryan's swinging Badgers. All the DIs that offered Sir E.P. Wittman, raise your hand. Oops.

So after the best first weekend of the tournament in recent memory, Officer Brian Sands finds himself atop the leaderboard. He has a brown paper bag at the ready for when the hyperventilation kicks in.

Amongst those in the early hunt include Minot, ND's finest, Kurt "Eel Train" Carlson and another former EPHS shooting guard, Matt Kukla.

Until next Sunday.





Minnesota Boys Basketball AAAA State Tournament

Wed, March 24 - Target Center (no TV)

2 p.m.
#2 Eden Prairie (25-3) vs. Owatonna (21-7)





“I don't know why people question the academic training of an athlete. Fifty percent of the doctors in this country graduated in the bottom half of their classes.” ~Al McGuire

21 Mar 2010 . 7:06 p.m.

Everybody Dance Now

It's time again. Hoops junkies are ready. Random people in your office are ready. Verne and Raft are ready. The committee is ready. Your $10 is ready. Everybody's ready.

Send it in, Jerome!The bracket is set. Top seeds? Check. Cinderellas? Check. Unproductive Thursday and Friday? Check. Gaels? Grizz? Golden Grizz? Gauchos? Check, check, check, check.

Ryan Wittman? Check.



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14 Mar 2010 . 5:37 p.m.